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Thursday, June 26, 2008


"Who's that Gucci Girl?" asks André do Val...

Martha Streck is the flame-haired Brazilian girl who burst on the modeling scene when she stalked Gucci's fall catwalk. Then came Dior's resort '09 collection. She's currently working the runways back home in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Chatty and quick-witted, she says she only decided to work in fashion for the stamps in her passport. Want more nuggets? Keep reading...

Walking for Gucci, backstage at Alexandre Herchcovitch in São Paulo

What got you started in modeling?
I was really craving to travel, but my father wouldn't let me because I had just started law school, after studying theater. I wanted a job that would take me all over the world, so I began modeling. Problem solved.

Do you like it?
There’s a lot of girls trying to be models in my city, but I never liked the idea. Now I'm used to it, but it's not exactly what I planned for my life. I still want to finish law school.

And have you been traveling?
Yes! My first trip was to Milan in May of 2007, then London, Istanbul and Berlin. I don't have a particular destination I want to visit. I could be taken anywhere in the world and it's okay for me.

Do you bring the contents of your house with you?
Yes, I'm such a snail. I bring everything with me all the time. As a model, I don't know exactly where I’m going and how long I’m staying, so I need to be prepared for warm and cold weather. It's heavy, but useful.

Can you sleep on the plane?
I can sleep anywhere. Right after take-off, I completely knock out. I’m the person who needs to be woken up after everybody else has gotten off. And I always ask for five more minutes.

—André do Val

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