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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Magazine Alert: TIWIMUTA

If one thing is certain from the fall 09 shows, it's that the Eighties aren't going away any time soon. What better time for the re-emergence of Andre Walker, a fashion fixture of the era, and the debut of TIWIMUTA? Based entirely on collaborations (i.e. Marc Jacobs, Ryan McGinley, Victoria Bartlett), the limited-edition magazine—or objectzine, as he calls it—will be available in mid-May at Barneys New York and Dashwood, or by pre-order on the site. Here, a Q&A with the designer-turned-art director...

What does TIWIMUTA mean?
This Is What It Made Us Think About. TIWIMUTA is an inadvertent collaboration of invited guests.

What do you mean by inadvertent?
Getting together with friends, strangers and people we love and employing a bit of performance art within a magazine. Meaning the magazine itself is a performance. For the moment it is a performance of materials, including a diverse selection of contributors and their submissions. All of this individualized contribution lends itself to the magazine’s conceptual spontaneity.

How did it come about?
Haphazardly hanging out with Carlos [Taylor, Creative Editor] outside of Whole Foods. We spontaneously came up with the idea and then employed the concept based around invited collaboration. When we got our first submission it engaged us to proceed to the next, and so on and so on, until we had over 50 participants and a whole lot of work going back to June 2007.

Why are people excited about the project?
Because they know I like to entertain. Because the contributors have no idea what we are going to do or how we are going to present their work. Well, some people have seen it and their responses have been so empowering. Something I realized just from showing the project around is that we are one of the few printed publications that I know of where the individual guests get to do exactly what they have in mind without contextual interference from its organizer.

Tell us more about the Marc Jacobs/Jean-Paul Goude collaboration.
Really simple story. A chance for us to show our respect to them for preparing their submission with zero knowledge of the project. So we kind of memorialized their efforts within the magazine. You will see.

Who or what has been inspiring you lately?
Everything to do with Gerhard Richter overpainted photos, artist books, learning more about recycling, understanding contemptuous journalism surrounding Michelle Obama, acknowledging the remorse I have for my perpetually short-circuiting brain everyday.

Last question: Anna or Carine?
Duh, mutual respect for both. But seriously, Jonathan Newhouse.

—Max Berlinger

illustration by Richard Alvarez
Beat Bolliger in collaboration with Nathaniel Goldberg

photo by Marcelo Krasilcic

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Magazine Alert: tar

Well, not exactly a magazine. Instead, the creators of tar, a new 300-page biannual, are calling it a high-caliber art and fashion book. And despite a name rife with bad pun play, we're totally on board. The masthead heaves with biggies, i.e. Bill Powers (from Purple) as artistic director and Emma Reeves (from Another) as photo director, while the ever-important creative director is Neville Wakefield, who scored a rare editorial by Ryan McGinley for the premiere issue, set to launch at Frieze Art Fair in London before hitting newsstands in October. Other contributors include artist Julian Schnabel, who shot Benicio del Toro for the cover (your first look is below), Juergen Teller, David Sherry, Richard Prince, Terry Richardson, former Imitation of Christ designer Matt Damhave and Nate Lowman, who did the back cover, a riff on Andy Warhol's Vote McGovern poster from 1972. The idea for tar came from BlackBook founder Evanly Schindler and Maurizio Marchiori of Diesel. Oh, wait, now we get the title.

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