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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fine Print

Could it be that the age of so-called limited editions is finally over? No, actually. But the label No Editions is making a good go of it. Here's how it works. Designers Christian Niessen (who hails from Helmut Lang and Prada) and Nicole Lachelle (Helmut Lang) have devised a system of digital printing where each piece in a series (i.e. T-shirts, tunics, ponchos or kimonos) looks deceptively similar, but subtle differences are revealed upon closer inspection. Fragmented bits of prints derived from mass media are applied to garments in various states of production, sometimes only half assembled. It's all so very conceptual, which speaks to us. And the website is suitably confusing, in the vein of European conceptualists (you've seen Margiela's site, right?), but that's how you know it's good...

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