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Monday, June 29, 2009

Headline Trip

  • Prada's Transformer cinema project launched in Seoul, South Korea, sans Megan Fox or other annoying starlets. [Prada]
  • Lower East Side boutique Project No. 8 to open a men's counterpart, No. 8b, at 38 Orchard St. on Thursday.
  • It was all a Blur, not mud, at the closing of Glastonbury. [NME]
  • Marlon Richards: "Glad I'm not at Jacksonbury." [Facebook]
  • A preview of Karl Lagerfeld's Hitchcockian Chanel campaign for fall, shot at his new Vermont estate for the second time...

  • Chanel, fall '09

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    Thursday, April 2, 2009

    Hint Tip: Project No. 8

    GM's president was just forced out by a bigger president (America's) and the Hummer brand is about to hum no more. It's a new era for cars, and Seth Kinmont is in the driver's seat. Literally. On April 7, 7-9 pm, at Project No. 8 boutique, the artist and California native will not only launch the first in a series of three wooden electric cars—a three-seat urban touring coach, an all-terrain vehicle and a two-person coup—but he'll also drive guests around the block. Considering that Project No. 8 is way down at 138 Division St., near Little Italy, and considering the car is outfitted with Amish-made wheels and handworked wooden flourishes reminiscent of old buggies (which "absurdly decrease drivability," says Kinmont) we think we'll be channeling drunk, loud flappers fleeing a busted speakeasy. Yes, everything goes back to drunk, loud flappers...

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