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Monday, July 13, 2009

Headline Trip

  • (Added 7/14) Issey Miyake gets personal for the Opinion section. [NY Times]
  • Kate Moss to join Sir Philip Green's new music venture, doubling her net worth and proving that dumb is in the eye of the beholder. [Daily Mail]
  • How many yards does it take to create a couture dress? How many fittings? Hours? The Cut did the math. [the Cut]
  • Kurt Andersen: "I feel young again. Donald Trump is attacking me [@Page Six]!" [Facebook]
  • Designer and extreme minimalist Rad Hourani to have a mystery show at the Soho Grand on July 28.
  • The Standard Hotel wants your X-rated photos, even Xier than this example... [Stan D'Arde]

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    Saturday, February 21, 2009

    New York Fashion Week: Rad Hourani

    As I’m about to get my post-show turn with Rad Hourani, I'm brushed aside—quite unceremoniously, I might add—by a small army of PR assistants ushering in Vogue's European Editor-at-Large, Hamish Bowles. As his glamorous title suggests (and which I note for sheer envy), he's hardly a rare sighting during Fashion Week. Yet, with his penchant for tortoise shell and tweed, it was a bit surprising to see him standing backstage among Hourani's conceptual feats of architectural knits, black leather, geometric cut-outs and precarious unisex heels. The look is hard, uncompromising, aggressive and rapturous.

    But then, Hourani's fall '09 show was already causing quite a stir. He had refined his lexicon while expanded his vocabulary with complex layers entwined with accessories, jewelry and metallic flashes—all overseen by legendary stylist Patti Wilson, who consulted on the show. Longtime collaborator with Steven Meisel, she's been responsible for championing a unique brand of dark glamour—the perfect complement to Hourani's vision. The result was even more concentrated Hourani goodness, as he noted, once I finally reached him: “It was a continuation from the beginning, but I felt like doing more, having a bit of fun but in a slick way.”

    But this hadn't solved the Bowles mystery, so at the after-party at Gold Bar, I wondered aloud to Hourani if we'd be spotting the impeccably groomed Monsieur Dapper with a new dark look. “He did come by the showroom to try on some of the collection,” Hourani answered. Even the boots? “Well, boys have gotten quite good at walking in those heels!”

    —Franklin Melendez

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    Sunday, February 8, 2009

    New York Fashion Week: Rad Hourani

    Minimalist designer Rad Hourani, whose color palette for spring is all black, tells us he'll incorporate more color in his fall show on February 20. That must be the influence of his style consultant this season, Patti Wilson. Here's a taste, in-black and-white of course...

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    Saturday, February 9, 2008

    New York Fashion Week: Rad Hourani

    It's all about androgyny for French-Canadian designer Rad Hourani, whose towering models (all women, except for one, possibly) stormed out in vertical black leather sheaths, decoration-less short dresses over leggings, Japanese-like square backpacks, obsessively straight hair, and chunky scarves and other strappy bits that hung to the floor. To us, it was very futuristic shaman, à la Helmut Lang, but Rad (how much do you love the name, by the way?) told us backstage that he was inspired by Adam and Eve, and the combination thereof.

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