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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Earnest Sewn's Crush

It was a teen dream last week at Earnest Sewn's Meatpacking flagship for the opening of Ruffian's shrine to their pubescent muse. In celebration of the label's collaboration with the denim brand, designers Brian Wolk and Claude Morais transformed the back room into a mish-mash of Jonas Brothers cutouts, copies of Sassy, Mallomars, one curiously empty hamster cage and two closets bursting with their schoolgirl-gone-bad collection. And gone bad she had. The bedside was scattered not with textbooks and Dear God, It's Me Margaret, but with opened condoms, ripped-up Playboys and nose candy. “We think it is an extraordinary visual interpretation of our fictional muse," the duo said at the launch party. "[Interior designer] Anne Koch has the unique ability to create a mise en scène you experience as a whole, but also in the details and secrets you discover." Partygoers, sipping on ginger beer, spilled out into the main store, while three fresh-off-the-boat sailors joined in the festivities—and the mise en scène was complete.

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