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Monday, February 2, 2009

Hooked: Sruli Recht

It's all about extremes in Iceland, land of fire and ice. True to form, despite having the worst performing economy in the world, the little island nation has reason to celebrate. Yesterday, Johanna Sigurdardottir was named Iceland's prime minister, the world's first openly gay head of state. How better to cozy up to that than with one of these versatile Blankoats (250€), designer Sruli Recht's "non-product" of the month? Available in coal or teal, the Blankoat is proudly grown, shorn, knitted, cut, sewn and boxed in Iceland...

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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Taking Up Arms

Here at the Hint Blog, we dutifully refrain from regurgitating other stories and press releases. We think you're smarter than that. But this announcement, from our Icelandic friend Sruli Recht—who we first introduced you to a few months ago when he debuted his incredible quilted boots, then again for his collapsible cutting table—deserves a reprint. Verbatim. You'll either love or hate the old-fashiony biblical verbiage, but you'll never look at umbrellas (or knuckle dusters) the same again...

"The Saga of The Umbuster is as follows...

During the second year of this millennium 3 cheap and rough plaster-moulded aluminium knuckle dusters were smuggled into Australia by post inside a hastily wrapped box. The sender [herein referred to as “illegal weapons trafficker”] advised of caution in the moving of such contraband through international waters. Though we got lucky. That time.

The dusters were retrofitted and custom bolted to the tube of a second-rate Indonesian-manufactured Rain Umbrella. Presented as part of the the second year University collection, the ‘accessory’ was prematurely dismissed as simply a weapon. The good and upright men of the Victorian Police briskly agreed.

The handle was further developed into an ergonomic unit inside the virtual world of a Nonuniform rational B-Spline program known as 3D Studio Max. This new Umbuster was to be for use in the Rainbow Transmission Holograms of Unfurl, an installation with Martina Mrongovius. The handle was exported to a CNC machine and subsequently routed. From that point the Umbuster has travelled oceans and flight paths in its attempt at non-product realisation.

The Umbuster is introduced to the house of Guy de Jean who agrees to option an umbrella. The .obj files are presented to Mr Liu whose talents provide the handle remade. The handle and umbrella make acquaintance and are in good spirits. A meeting with Snorri Már Snorrason ensues and the packaging is prepared. And so our product currently known as Umbuster is on its last leg.

Cut to Tokyo city, dawn of November 2008. The now tired first modelled Umbuster is on show to the Japanese at design fairs. And there, in Aoyama these two weeks back, the runner gave out. The long held protector of rain and wind is laid to rest. This information was made known by the Dane that carried it back to the economically torn Iceland."