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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

After School Special

Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm is where they grow Sweden's designers of tomorrow. Here's an early look at the young seedlings (Swedelings?)...

photos Oskar Gyllenswärd
styling Hanna Kisch
make-up/hair Lady Oscar
styling ass'ts Signe Siemsen, Sara Litzén

glasses Björn Bryngelsson (2008 graduate), vest and pants Emelie Ljunggren (2008 graduate)
overalls and belt Cecilia Hummel (2008 graduate)

dress Nhu Duong (2008 graduate), bodysuit Catharina Götherström (2009 graduate)

vest Emelie Ljungren (2008 graduate), shorts Kischn'Krantz
jacket Anders Berggren (2009 graduate), pants Hope, gloves Catharina Götherström (2009 graduate)

dress Alma Ekman (2009 graduate), hat Hattbaren, mask Nhu Duong (2008 graduate)
leotard and hat with cloth E. Kellner

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