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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Scratching Post

Who hasn't engaged in malapropism, the confusion of similar sounding words? For those of the stupid variety, it's accidental; for those in the ironic set, sport. Here at Hint, we're constantly switching up words and falling down in spasmodic, unattractive laughter. And apparently, Japanese-born, New York-based artist Tam Ochiai falls (down with us) into the latter camp. For Tiam O'Shian IV, his fifth and latest solo show at Team Gallery in Chinatown, he makes use of the similarity between his own name and that of an actual prize-winning Siamese cat born in 1899. Over the last two years, he's channeled the cat's spirit to create 70 drawings and two large sculptures scratched up by real cats at play. The random, silly, perfectly pre-Fashion Week exhibit launches today at 6:00 pm and runs through October 4.

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