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Monday, May 5, 2008

Cesar Padilla meets up with Tim Gunn in America's middle...

I have a place in Louisville, Kentucky, and when I was browsing through the paper on a recent visit, I read that Tim Gunn was going to make a personal appearance at a local mall. Heaven! And he would MC a Liz Claiborne fashion show at that mall. Amazing grace!! I knew I couldn't miss the engagement and the chance to see suburban women ask him fashion advice. And miss it, I didn't. Nor did I miss the a photo-op with Tim, the gift with purchase of $100 or more of Liz Claiborne. I even managed to lob a few questions of my own to reality TV's fashion guru, who was, as you can imagine, just as polite and on-message as he is on Project Runway...

Who's the Liz Claiborne woman?
The current misconception we have is that the Liz Claiborne woman who started with the company in 1976 is still the same woman. What we are finding is that, no, she is not the same woman and that her daughter and daughter's daughter are now our customers. Our goal is to trim all the excess and concentrate on a better product, a more irresistible product. It is also an effort to reposition the brand. This will be seen with the new women's collections from Isaac Mizrahi and men's from John Bartlett.

Is this an attempt by LC to put a face on a company which has had no public face for some time?
Most definitely.

Would you care to comment on this year's Project Runway winner, Christian Siriano?
He's nothing but fierce! (Laughs.) He's also the type of person you want to give a big hug and a big slap to at the same time. I truly believe he is this generation's Marc Jacobs.

How do you feel about being a gay icon?
It is a great honor, seriously.

Here were a couple of questions from the audience...

I recently lost 90 pounds and I'm going to lose 30 more. Now I have all this extra hanging flesh. What kind of blouses should I wear?
First of all, congratulations on losing 90 pounds. (Applause.) I would suggest not wearing any tops that go past your hips and you should consider wearing tops with a V-neck to take attention away from areas of excess flesh.

If you were a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby, what would your name be?
Make It Work!

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