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Monday, May 11, 2009

New Designer Alert: Valerj Pobega

Leave it to an Italian signora to take a don't and tease it into a do. Inspired by 80s' big-hair god Axl Rose, that's exactly what Rome-turned-L.A. designer Valerj Pobega did for spring. (Although it could have been a lot worse.) But while elements of rock are present in the abundance of black, smoky transparent layers, distressed leathers and stage-worthy sex appeal, the craftsmanship is done with such Italian skill and fine silk tulle that it makes one wonder if Axl would approve (and hope he doesn't).

But the Guns N' Roses frontman is just the latest pop-culture icon Pobega has pulled off the shelf for inspiration. Louise Brooks and Edie Sedgwick have previously filled that role—and headstrong Pobega falls hard for each of them, adjusting her hair, make-up and style to fit whatever her current obsession may be. So even though she's not originally a Southlander, Pobega is at least one reason you shouldn’t completely avoid L.A. fashion.

photos/text Christina von Messling

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