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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Let Your Mouse Say It Loud

The great democratic experiment might never revolutionize fashion, a realm notorious for its feudal hierarchies and iron-willed tyrants, but it might add a bit of suspense to the upcoming CFDA Fashion Awards, which just announced its first Popular Vote Award. Why it's not called People's Choice, we don't know, but pitting designer against designer will let fans and followers have a say in the sacred process. Mind you, this is the same logic that let that other guy beat out Adam and that prematurely ousted a nubile Lil' Kim from dancing glory, but we're confident the fashion crowd will take their civic duties more seriously. Created in collabs with WWD, polls are open from May 27 - June 9, with the winner announced along with the others on June 15 in the big ceremony at Lincoln Center.

Naturally, as we're on the voting panel this year, we promise to do all we can to rig the results.

—Franklin Melendez

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