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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Attire Satire

If you missed the Met Ball and care to know what that was on Madonna's head or how much lace had to die to make Mary-Kate's dress, then go to, oh, just about any fashion website. If, on the other hand, you missed the Met Ball and don't have a burning desire to know the red-carpet ins and outs, then WWWWD will give you all the news that wasn't. That's because it's a fake fashion trade paper, but a hilariously wicked fake fashion trade paper, in the way The Daily Show skewers politicians—which might explain why WWWWD's logo is a backward CNN logo. And like CNN, they even have a Tweet feed (but very, very fake), with status updates like "BetseyJohnson: dropping 3rd hit of acid 2nite! drugz r so weak these dayz" and "MTESTINO: @gwenyth's place. blaming my farts on apple. must quit cheese." Not even Andre's capes are safe from video parody.

WWWWD used to be online, but it's a biweekly e-newsletter only now, so sign up on the site. Here's hoping there's still a sense of humor in fashionland...

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