Apparently, Dolce & Gabbana Now Support Same-Sex Parenthood

Last year, Dolce & Gabbana made derogatory comments about same-sex parents and surrogacy to an Italian newspaper, including this doozy: "The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offspring and rented womb.” As a result, they felt the full fury of same-sex parents the world over, with particular fury coming from Sir Elton John and his decidedly non-traditional family.

Italy is the only Western European country that does not yet recognize gay marriage or even civil unions. However, the country is publicly debating gay marriage and adoption in advance of a Senate vote to finally legalize them. So it seems the two have done an about-face on the issue and put same-sex couples with children on a new line of handbags and T-shirts.

Stefano Gabbana recently posted pics of the bags and tees on Instagram with the hashtag #DGfamily. In one post, he wrote, “People change and change their ideas.”

Feb 02, 2016 23:20:00
Alexander McQueen

Now Comes an Alexander McQueen Big-Screen Biopic

The world lost Alexander McQueen to suicide nearly six years ago, leaving a rich yet tragic legacy spawning everything from blockbuster retrospectives to stage productions. Now comes news of a big-screen biopic.

Directed by Andrew Haigh — maker of the critically acclaimed gritty gay drama Weekend — the film will trace the designer's extraordinary life and career, the highs and lows, the social swirl and the inner turmoil. Playwright Chris Urch has also been tapped, to write the script, said to be loosely based on the biography Blood Beneath The Skin, by Andrew Wilson.

Fashion-world biopics have a tendency to be hit or miss. Still, hopes are high for this one, pending who plays McQueen of course. 

Jan 29, 2016 14:11:00

There Might Be a Divine Statue in Baltimore

She may never have gotten those cha-cha heels, but John Waters' muse Divine could get something much better — her very own monument. 

Baltimore store owner — and superfan, clearly — Michael Makarovich has officially proposed the eight-foot marble statue of John Waters' foul-mouthed muse. Plans even call for bronze dog poop. He's campaigning to have the city's Public art Commission come up with the funding, expected to be between $50k and $100k.

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Jan 28, 2016 23:06:00
Carimbó dance

Deconstructing Dance

Earlier this month at Inspiramais, Brazil's leading fashion trade fair, we discovered the clever work of Jefferson De Assis. The Brazilian designer had been deployed by Inspiramais to research the Carimbó — a lively dance with pre-colonial roots, declared an "intangible cultural heritage" of Brazil i 2014 — and create a capsule range of accessories.

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Jan 28, 2016 11:55:00
Colby Keller for Vivienne Westwood

Finally, a Gay Porn Star in a Fashion Campaign

Gay porn star (aren't they all stars?) and budding artist Colby Keller is the scruffy face and body of Vivienne Westwood’s full-frontal spring campaign. As usual, it was photographed by Juergen Teller, he who notoriously snapped Viv in the buff.

Shot around Venice, Italy, the new campaign highlights not only the spring collection or Colby's chiseled bod, but the "urgent need," says Westwood, to save the ancient city. "The problem there is one of repair, mass tourism on cruise ships, and of climate change."

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Jan 25, 2016 20:28:00

There Is Now a Constellation in David Bowie's Honor

David Bowie now has his very own constellation. Following the legend's death last week, Belgian astronomers looked to the night sky for a fitting tribute. They found a cluster of stars in the shape of Ziggy Stardust's face-bolt and, naturally, christened is 'Starman.'

Those star-gazers weren't just avowed Bowie fans, but astronomers belonging to MIRA Public Observatory, working at the behest of the radio station Studio Brussels. "It was not easy to determine the appropriate stars," MIRA's Philippe Mollet explained in a statement. "Studio Brussels asked us to give Bowie a unique place in the galaxy. Referring to his various albums, we chose seven stars — Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAA 204 132, and the Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis — in the vicinity of Mars. The constellation is a copy of the iconic Bowie lightning and was recorded at the exact time of his death."

Further, the interactive Google Sky initiative Stardust for Bowie allows fans to create personal tributes within the constellation's borders, either naming a favorite song or leaving a short message in remembrance. 

In other Bowie naming news, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio has proclaimed January 20 as David Bowie Day.

Jan 24, 2016 18:11:00
Grace Coddington & Anna Wintour

Grace Coddington Redefines Her Role at Vogue

It's a testament to her enormous influence and still-rising profile that Grace Coddington tweaked her role at Vogue and people are losing their chic with end-of-an-era proclamations. Announced today, Vogue's 28-year Creative Director will now be its Creative Editor at Large.

Essentially it means she'll realize fewer fashion stories for the behemoth to pursue more outside projects, for example a fragrance collab with Comme des Garçons and, more intensively, a film adaptation of her 2012 biography Grace — a must-read, by the way.

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Jan 20, 2016 15:03:00
André Courrèges

RIP André Courrèges

André Courrèges's family has confirmed that the space-age couturier died yesterday in Paris, finally succumbing to Parkinson’s disease. He was 92.

Courrèges began his trailblazing career at the age of 25 with an apprenticeship with Cristóbal Balenciaga. In 1961 he launched his own house, showcasing his signature white mini-dress, pantsuit, and flat boots.

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Jan 08, 2016 12:52:00
Lady Gaga's Born This Way cover, Orlan's Bumpload

The Plagiarism Lawsuit Against Lady Gaga Thickens

Little over two years ago, French artist Orlan launched a lawsuit against Lady Gaga (and the French subsidiary of Universal Music) for plagiarism, to the tune of 7.5 percent of the profits from the Born This Way album, or $31.7 million.

Filed in France, the ongoing suit accuses the singer of co-opting the artist's original ideas — her facial implants, essentially — to create the imagery for Born This Way. In particular, Orlan cites the cover art, which she says bears a striking resemblance to her sculpture Bumpload from 1989. Further, Orlan claims Lady Gaga's severed head in the music video is lifted from her sculpture Femme Avec Tête (Woman With Head) of 1996.


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Jan 07, 2016 19:53:00

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