Marc Jacobs in Adidas, Marc Jacobs' four-stripe 'imitation'

Adidas Is Suing Marc Jacobs

Update 4/14/15: Today came news that the specific target of Adidas' lawsuit is Marc by Marc Jacobs, not Marc Jacobs proper. Further, the four-striped items in question hail from the fall 2014 collection, designed by Katie Hillier and Luella Bartley, though they were not shown on the runway. One wonders if the two parties attempted a collaboration and, if so, how and why it fell through. The legal action also raises questions about a possible connection with the recent announcement that the second line is to be disbanded and absorbed into the larger Marc Jacobs company.

Adidas has accused Marc Jacobs of intentionally using "confusingly similar imitations" of its Three-Stripe Mark, a registered trademark, on jackets with four thin stripes down each sleeve.

Adidas has filed a lawsuit against Marc Jacobs International, which recently announced the dissolution of its secondary Marc by Marc Jacobs line, in the state of Oregon, where it's headquartered. The sportswear giant claims the luxury brand's use of a similar four-stripe design will "deceive, confuse, and mislead purchasers and prospective purchasers into believing that the apparel sold by Marc Jacobs is manufactured by, authorized by, or in some manner associated with adidas, which it is not."

The "deception engendered by Marc Jacobs’s infringement and dilution of Adidas’ mark," the suit goes on to say, "is causing irreparable harm to the goodwill symbolized by the Three-Stripe Mark and the reputation for quality that it embodies.” The term 'reputation for quality' could be read as a gratuitous dig. It could be argued some of Adidas' output — its line with Kanye West, for example — is influenced by other designers' work.

Adidas further contends that it's spent millions of dollars to turn the three-stripe emblem into an instantly recognizable symbol around the world. It's thus seeking monetary damages and an injunction to halt the production and selling of the items in question.

Marc Jacobs has yet to issue a response.

Apr 11, 2015 12:37:00

WTF Retro Vests

These vests from the 60s/70s are so heinous, so abominable, so reprehensible that they almost look chic again...

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Apr 09, 2015 23:40:00

Vintage Beefcakes — That Is All

The male pin-up, yaass! From Petra Mason, the author of Bettie Page and Bunny Yeager’s Darkroom, comes Beefcake, a compilation of male nudes and semi-nudes from the pages of vintage magazines of men for men, hailing from the 1940s to the pre-disco 1970s.

Many of the studs featured are unseen works from the field's most influential lensmen, among them Bruce of Los Angeles, Don Whitman, Kovert of Hollywood, and Western Photography Guild. Campy themes include Swords & Sandals, Dare Devils, Locker Room, Demi Gods, and Lonely Sailor. Need we say more?

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Apr 09, 2015 12:39:00

Sex, Lies and Beehives

A bizarre little exhibit is currently on view at White Columns in New York. It tells the sordid story of a year-long affair between a German businessman, Günter (39), and his secretary and mistress, Margret (24), around 1970. The story wouldn't be particularly remarkable except for her towering ginge beehive and the meticulous pictures and notes he kept (and locks of her pubes — ew!), all of which was recently discovered in his briefcase, abandoned in the back of a closet.

There was clearly a lot of hotel nookie, as well as fights with spouses, ever more picture-taking, and ultimately an illegal abortion. He documented it all, down to the clothes he bought her, hotel receipts, and empty cases of birth control pills. He even recorded each time they consummated, in what position, if she was menstruating, and their post-coital snacks. They broke it off in December of 1970 and his last journal entry is cut short for unknown reasons, the final mystery in a very mysterious tryst.

Margret: Chronicle of an Affair – May 1969 to December 1970, through April 18, White Columns, 320 W 13th St, NYC

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Apr 09, 2015 12:44:00

Shia LaBeouf, the Musical

This is some sick, twisted stuff — and right up our alley. Last year, L.A. songwriter Rob Cantor wrote a funny ditty about Shia LaBeouf being a cannibalistic axe murderer. After going viral, the 'song' has spawned an elaborate video that goes much deeper down the proverbial rabbit hole. Dark and perverse, it's every bit as bonkers as the actor's sack-over-head antics that inspired it.

A combination of music, dance, and costume (the big heads), the stage piece is basically high-camp experimental theatre. Cantor even enlisted the Gay Men’s Choir, the West Los Angeles Children’s Choir, and the Argus Quartet to help realize his farcical melodrama. So comprehensive and full-circle is it that LaBeouf himself — clearly a good sport — appears at the end, offering enthusiastic applause in what's surely a reference to those accusations of plagiarism, and there are many.

The WTF doesn't end there. An emoji alphabet and sheet music are now available, as is this behind-the-scenes video...

Apr 03, 2015 15:56:00

Fashion's Bread and Butter, Literally

Chloe Wise, the New York artist who had everyone believing the Chanel bag in the shape of a bagel on actress India Menuez's arm at a Chanel event last year was actually made by Chanel, is back with more levity.

She's created a whole new batch of bread bags resembling, for only a second, designer It-bags. They straddle the line between aspiration and humor — and they look good enough to eat...

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Apr 09, 2015 12:06:00

Worst Easter Bunny Costumes Ever

As if the thought of a rabbit that lays eggs and hides them again isn't horrifying enough, along come the hideous costumes. Here are the worst of the worst Easter Bunny costumes, found randomly on the web...

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Apr 02, 2015 00:37:00

Ballet + French Riots + Graffiti Art + Tribeca Film Festival

Given the grand scale of his public art — covering walls, buildings, and even whole favelas with large portraits of anonymous and downtrodden faces — it's pretty clear the French artist JR doesn't do anything in baby steps. So the trailer he released today for his short film Les Bosquets, which will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival (in fact he and Robert De Niro have reportedly been palling around), embodies the same soaring gravitas.

The film is a faithful recreation of his ballet of the same name, as performed by the New York City Ballet in 2014, itself a dramatization of the 2005 riots in Montfermeil, an impoverished suburb of Paris. The riots erupted in the same place and at the same time as JR's first art project, Portrait of a Generation, in which he took portraits of the local youth and displayed the enlarged results on their residential projects, as well as the streets of Paris. As such, the short film is a kind of continuation of his humanitarian mission to shine a light on poverty and injustice.

Original music for the film was composed by Pharrell Williams (who's also an executive producer) and Woodkid, among others. JR also pays homage to Ladj Ly, one of those residents who experienced the riots firsthand and documented what he saw in the controversial film 365 Days in Clichy-Montfermeil.

Les Bosquets will premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, after which it will be screened in museums and galleries only.

Apr 01, 2015 21:52:00

New Fashion Parodies to Keep You LOLing

Now that Instagram is the winner of the CFDA's Media Award for Fashion Journalism (apparently that's not a joke), the secret is very much out that the photo-sharing app is fashion's favorite social network. For houses, there really is no better — or cheaper — means of flogging new campaigns.

Fortunately, fashion does has a sense of humor (at times) and is capable of laughing at itself (on occasion). The latest example is an inside job, Nathalie Croquet, a freelance fashion and beauty editor. Using herself as the foil in her new Spoof series, she recreates — with photographer Daniel Schweizer — an assortment of recent fashion campaigns, among them Maria-Carla Boscono's steely gaze for Givenchy, Gisele Bunchen's alluringly impossible repose for Isabel Marant, and Penelop Cruz's flawless collar positioning for Lancome.

Naturally, they all debuted on her Instagram, which begs the question: How about a CFDA Parody Award? They could give it to themselves.

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Apr 01, 2015 13:38:00

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