The Festive Costumes that Couldn't Conceal Tragedy

German dancers Lavinia Schulz and Walter Holdt created extravagant, playful, Bauhaus-like costumes before they, financially destitute, committed suicide in 1924. Or rather, in an apparent pact, Schulz turned the gun on herself after mortally wounding Holdt.

Their tragic end may explain why this series of photographs, taken by Minya Diez-Dührkoop the same year as their death, was put in a box and forgotten until the 1980s, exhibited in 2012, and now released into the public domain by the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg.

The costumes — cobbled together out of found cardboard, sacks, wire, papier-mâché, plaster, fabric, and leather — closely resemble those of Oskar Schlemmer's Triadic Ballet, aka Bauhaus Ballet, which first dazzled audiences nearly a century ago.


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Nov 01, 2015 12:14:00

Who's Scared of Mr. Boo?

Meet Mr. Boo, the selfie-taking ghost of Barcelona and photogenic Instagram sensation.

The stylish spirit doesn't remember who he was before becoming an apparition, according to the Instagram blog, but he's content to keep wandering around Spain and haunting social media with his friendly selfies. “This job makes me feel alive.”

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Oct 31, 2015 12:14:00
Alber Elbaz

Alber Elbaz May Land Where?!

Conventional fashion-world wisdom holds that Alber Elbaz — having just been dismissed from Lanvin, inconceivably, after a dazzling 14 years — is a contender for the recently vacated Dior spot. However, sources tell us there have not been talks between the two, although that could change as Elbaz was indeed short-listed for the top job in 2012, before it went to Raf Simons.

There is growing speculation that, as farfetched as it sounds, Elbaz may in fact land at Saint Laurent. That's because its current creative director, Hedi Slimane, who's been riding high at the house since starting three years ago, considers his total reboot nearly complete and may decide, of his own accord, not to renew his contract for another three-year term.

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Oct 29, 2015 11:49:00
Alber Elbaz

Alber Elbaz to Leave Lanvin

Alber Elbaz is said to be exiting Lanvin. WWD has learned of the development, which is expected to be made public shortly. The paper's sources said the decision followed a prolonged rift between the designer — who, in 14 years, elevated the heritage label into a top-tier Paris maison — and the company's Taiwanese owner.

The stunning news comes on the heels of Raf Simons' departure from Dior, leading to much anxious discussion concerning the mounting pressures placed on creative directors of large houses. On the very day of that announcement, Elbaz spoke on the topic of designers' shifting roles upon accepting an award from Fashion Group International in New York.

Oct 28, 2015 12:02:00
Marc Jacobs from the IG of his ex, Harry Louis

Marc Jacobs Vs. New York Post

Inexplicably, the New York Post has published not one, but two, unflattering stories about Marc Jacobs in the last week. The first — written by Maureen Callahan, author of the recent and not especially sensational book Champagne Supernovas, about the bubbly rise of Jacobs, Alexander McQueen, and Kate Moss — concerned the health of the designer's company, though it succeeded mostly in cobbling together old news.

However, the second article — found in the gossip section and crediting only "Page Six Team" as the byline — got personal in a retro gay-shaming way. It described an "all-male flesh bacchanal" that Jacobs hosted last weekend, via the gay sex app Grindr, in his Manhattan apartment. Clutch pearls! But, as it turns out, “people weren’t as good-looking as I expected,” said their source. “I expected Lorenzo Martone beautiful. They were average, chill people who didn’t have any attitude, which was really nice.” Sounds more like church service than a wanton man-on-man orgy that, if allowed to spread, could bring down civilization as we know it.

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Oct 27, 2015 19:44:00

Aladdin Sane Has a Tumblr

It has come to our attention that there's a Tumblr devoted to Ziggy Stardust's face-bolt on the Aladdin Sane album of 1973.

On the eve of David Bowie's new album, and on the eve of Halloween, is there a better time to indulge in the iconic meme?...

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Oct 26, 2015 19:39:00

Peacocking at Ellis Island

The immigration station at Ellis Island in New York processed more than 12 million arrivals between 1892 and 1954.

The chief registry clerk and amateur photographer Augustus Francis Sherman encouraged them to wear their traditional costume while he took their portrait.

His photographs, recently uncovered, hung for many years in the Federal Immigration Service.

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Oct 25, 2015 13:59:00
Meryl Streep, Alber Elbaz at the Night of Stars

Alber Elbaz: "Loudness Is the New Cool ... I Prefer Whispering"

It just so happens that on Thursday night, the same day that Raf Simons announced he was leaving Dior, Lanvin's Alber Elbaz was honored at the 32nd annual Night of Stars in New York. As if reading Simons' mind, he spoke of industry pressures, the scourge of selfies, and not clapping at fashion shows anymore. Here are the highlights...

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Oct 24, 2015 12:34:00

Halloween Dogs

Whether they like or not, canines get the costume treatment every Halloween. Here are the best on the web...

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Oct 23, 2015 18:55:00

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