Yves Saint Laurent

Eternal Yves Saint Laurent

Culled from Fondation Pierre Bergé – Yves Saint Laurent archives and other private collections, a retrospective at the Seattle Art Museum offers a comprehensive look at the life's work of Yves Saint Laurent.

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Jan 03, 2017 16:36:00

We Meat Again

Raw meat remains one of the most potent and taboo of materials and subject matters, evidenced by the public's visceral reaction to Lady Gaga's donning of a meat dress to the VMAs in 2010. But the earliest known use of raw meat for artistic purposes was Canadian Jana Sterbak's meat dress, 50 pounds of flank steaks in dress form that caused a cultural flap in 1991.

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Dec 08, 2016 10:33:00
Masterworks : Unpacking Fashion

The Met's Other Epic Fashion Exhibition

The name of the Costume Institute’s fall exhibition, Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion, is a double entendre. On the one hand, it refers to breaking down those masterworks' significance in fashion history. And on the other hand, it signals that this is an acquisitions show, as in those masterworks have been purchased or donated, becoming part of the permanent collection.

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Dec 01, 2016 21:17:00
Man Ray, Glass Tears, 1932

Elton John Is as Radical as Ever

Sir Elton John began collecting photographs on a serious level after completing rehab in 1990. Since then he's gathered over 8,000, many of them modernist masterpieces, most from the early 20th century, and 191 of them now on display at Tate Modern in London. All original vintage prints by the artists themselves, they're grouped exactly as they hang in his home in Atlanta.

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Nov 10, 2016 20:12:00
Iggy Pop Life Class

Shock of the Nude

Back in February, Iggy Pop sat for 21 drawing students in a nude life class, in collaboration with Turner Prize-winning British artist Jeremy Deller. Now, nine months later, the drawings have gone on display at the Brooklyn Museum, along with other, historical works depicting the male body.

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Nov 06, 2016 22:57:00
FIAC 2016

What the FIAC?

Now in its 43rd year, the FIAC is Paris’ biggest international contemporary art fair, housed in the historic Grand Palais. This year there are 186 galleries representing 27 countries — and, for the first time, the inclusion of the Petit Palais across the road.

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Oct 22, 2016 19:28:00

One in a Milliner

"I draw. I fill notebooks with sketches of people, objects, a cartoon, my lunch, a tree outside — not always hats," the great British milliner Stephen Jones once told Hint. "I do them very fast. I tend to think if they've taken me more than a minute, then I've failed."

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Oct 15, 2016 11:38:00
Viktor & Rolf

Viktor & Rolf's Over-the-Top Wares Go Down Under

A selection of signature pieces from Viktor & Rolf's archive will soon go on view in the 23-year retrospective Fashion Artists, opening October 21 at the National Gallery of Victoria in Australia.

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Oct 13, 2016 17:43:00
Herb Ritts

Putting on the Ritts

Herb Ritts' monumental, black-and-white images of models and celebrities have infiltrated our collective consciousness ever since the American shutterbug took that infamous picture of his pal Richard Gere during a road trip in 1978.

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Sep 09, 2016 17:28:00

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