Gay Beards

Something Different: The Gay Beards

The Gay Beards are two best friends, Jonathan Dahl and Brian Delaurenti, from Portland, Oregon, who stick random things in their beards. They have a lot to choose from during the holidays. So naturally they're an Instagram sensation...

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Sep 08, 2015 13:26:00
Marco Battaglini

Art History Through a Modern Lens

In his digital paintings, Marco Battaglini pastiches together bits of Renaissance art with graffiti and other elements of modern pop — not unlike the divine versus the vulgar. By mashing opposing visual traditions, the Italian artist (living in Costa Rica) challenges the viewer to contemplate a variety of topics: cultural democratization, the evolution of knowledge and information, and what he calls our 'patchwork culture.'

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Jul 20, 2015 19:23:00
Steven Meisel for Loewe

Steven Meisel Kisses and Tells for Loewe

It's the age of selfies and Steven Meisel knows it, even if, it's safe to assume, the highly reclusive photographer isn't particularly fond of them. While other houses are unveiling their spring campaigns with much fanfare, Loewe has eked out a preview of its fall men's campaign, which includes an undated and previously unseen image of a younger Meisel leaning in for a kiss with an unidentified man. The artist as muse in a candid moment — how very Instagram.

The unconventional concept comes courtesy of the house's new creative director, Jonathan Anderson, who, over the course of several seasons has been staking an epicene, androgynous vision for the Spanish house. In addition to the tender self-portrait pulled straight from Meisel's own archives, a more typical fashion image of the fall collection has been released, also lensed by Meisel, as well as a product shot of the new X-Cross bag, shot by Damien Ropero. This follows the brand's MO last season, when it plastered a single spring image of Julia Nobis across Paris kiosks just prior to the corresponding runway show.

Jan 19, 2015 12:05:00
Brendan Jordan for American Apparel

The Boy Who Danced Like No One Was Watching Lands a Campaign

Mired in customer apathy and a tanking stock price, American Apparel got at least one thing right when it hired 15-year-old Brendan Jordan as its next alterna-model. You'll remember Brendon from that random local news clip that flooded your Facebook feed for several days. It's the one in which he did what any devoted little monster would do in the presence of a camera, ignoring everything around him while gyrating and faux-pouting like Lady Gaga in her Applause video. A YouTube sensation was born.

A bit of text on the ad informs us that “Brendan is from Las Vegas, Nevada. He's half Peruvan (his dad was born and raised in Peru) and he learned Spanish from his extended family that helped care for him. He enjoys taking photos, shopping and collecting Disney memorabilia." Of course he does. "In the future Brendan hopes to have his own TV show and design a clothing line.” Maybe Anna Wintour can get him an internship with Marc Jacobs or Michael Kors.

Dec 12, 2014 08:27:00
Raf Simons

Raf Simons and Other Belgian Designers Reimagine the Christmas Tree

Last year, a Brussels-based fashion multitasker named Aymeric Watine was wondering how he could soup up his store for the holiday season. Then he remembered the Sapins de Noël des Créateurs, an event created 19 years ago by French TV legend Marie Christiane Marek (her US equivalent would be Elsa Klensch). The concept was to have fashion designers use their imagination and recreate Christmas trees, which were then auctioned off for charity. With Marek's blessing, Watine took the idea to the Belgian capital. The first edition attracted 14 designers and 60,000 euros.

This year, 38 designers are on board, including high-profile names like Raf Simons, Stella McCartney, and Diane Von Furstenberg. To be auctioned December 1 for BIG, a breast-cancer awareness group, the creations range from the predictably phallic (such as Natan's spare wood structure) to the pious (Kryst's beautifully pixelated Madonna and child, made of tiny plastic tubes). Among the more unexpected are Jean-Paul Lespagnard's scarf — showing a popular Christmas meal of sushi, waffles, and a roast — draped over a man's head, as well as Wouters and Hendrix's downright campy tree admiring itself in a mirror. Simons' much-anticipated contribution is an large plush sofa in the shape of a tree — baby not included.

Jean-Paul Lespagnard


Benjamin Spark

Wouters & Hendrix

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Nov 27, 2014 12:29:00
Iconoduly Thyrsus

The $15k High Heels Fit for Marie Antoinette

It's not often that the 18th-century Queen of France and one of the greatest voluptuaries the world has ever known is invoked to describe a contemporary accessory. Nonetheless, Marie Antoinette and her exacting standards are cited by photographer and poet Christopher-Calvin Pollard when detailing his elaborate new shoe for his Iconoduly line, co-founded with the French-American artist Virginie Hauss. So lofty is its concept (and, at $15,000, its price tag) that it transcends footwear altogether. Indeed it's part of the duo's mission to revive, using centuries-old artisanal techniques, what they see as the lost art of adornment.

Let's break it down. Limited to 51, each pair of the Thyrsus shoe (named after a pinecone wand that, in Greek mythology, is associated with prosperity and hedonism) is handmade from beginning to end. The heel itself is carved by a master sculptor from solid cocobolo wood and finished with 24-karat gold leaf; the pinecone scales in the back are individually cut and stitched from fine ostrich-leg leather; the insole is wrapped in Lelievre embroidery; and the outsole is fire-branded with the edition number. Which is to say, nary a synthetic molecule goes into the production.

Incredibly, there is already a wait list, says Pollard. But unlike Birkins, buying into Iconoduly requires rules of ownership. "I am very picky about who I let purchase a pair. All women must first complete a Proust Questionnaire and then the selection process begins." Even when clients are allowed in, there is a shroud of secrecy that must be met at all times — it's a rule.

Pollard says he plans to make exactly one style of shoe per year, and he has the next 20 years already designed and sketched. Even the perks are planned out. For 2015, the Thyrsus will come with a skirt and earrings and, for 2016, the as-yet-unveiled object of adornment will ship with a 22-karat gold headpiece and a bench. Not just any bench, surely, but the most exquisite divan ever made.

Nov 13, 2014 21:21:00

Superheroes and Supervillains Rendered as Flemish Paintings

Superheroes and supervillains, and several strong personalities in between, are reimagined by photographer Sacha Goldberger as Flemish Baroque portraits from the 1600s, complete with handmade costumes, props, and nobly introspective gazes. The photos demonstrate the use of centuries-old painting techniques to convey nobility while at the same time evoking a sense of fragility within us all.

Characters from Marvel and DC comic books, as well as Disney, Star Wars and other 20th-century classics, are represented. But Goldberger was hardly alone in the massive effort. An entire crew chipped in, from costume designers to casting directors. Which may explain why so many portraits resemble the actors who most memorably brought them to life on a screen, from Adam West’s Batman and Christopher Reeve's Superman to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Lou Ferrigno’s Incredible Hulk.

Wonder Woman







Captain America

Incredible Hulk


Darth Vader

Princess Leia

Princess Leia II






Green Lantern

Darth Maul

Snow White

Nemesis (Resident Evil)


Anakin Skywalker

Nov 25, 2014 20:11:00
Viktor & Rolf in Christmas sweaters

Something Different: Viktor & Rolf's Christmas Sweater

Sometimes the sentimental sappiness of the holidays proves too much to resist and you have no choice but to embrace it in all its mawkish absurdity. For those moments, why not don Viktor & Rolf's limited-edition Christmas sweater, from the Dutch label's Monsieur line? In the time-honored tradition of gaudy seasonal knits, the colorful wool sweater depicts the designers' coddled dachshund, Little Swan, with reindeer antlers. Yes, a dog with antlers, because Christmas. Be thankful it doesn't come with jangly tree ornaments.

€480, exclusively at Viktor & Rolf, 370 rue Saint-Honoré, Paris

The short video feels a little like being trapped in a snow globe, which is probably the point...

Nov 20, 2014 09:17:00
Snow White on Vogue

Something Different: Disney Characters Grace the Glossies

Like so many great works of art through the ages, the creator of these faux magazine covers — glamorizing princesses and princes from Disney's most celebrated and adored films — is unknown. Which of course adds to the magic. Diehard DIsney fans will assert they could only have come from the studio, given the cleverness of the headlines: Jasmine's Favorite Bikini Bazaars, From the Cinders to the Balls, Everything's Hotter Under the Water, Grumpy Speaks Out. So good! In a way, we almost don't want to know who the artist is, preferring instead to believe the covers are real, because Once Upon a Time...

Cinderella on Elle

Princess Tiana on Vanity Fair

Scar on Vanity Fair

Mulan on Harper's Bazaar

Prince Charming on GQ

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Nov 09, 2014 10:49:00

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