Helmut Newton, Thierry Mugler, Monte Carlo, 1998

Hint Tip: Helmut Newton Polaroids

If the collective obsession with Instagram is any indication, polaroids aren't going anywhere any time soon. Nor will Helmut Newton Polaroids, the exhibition of the photographer's own obsession with the instant medium. Now comes news that the show will be held over through May 20, 2012. The extension—timed to coincide, and then some, with Berlin Fashion Week this month—is the result of popular demand. So far, more than 70,000 visitors have taken in the 300-plus photos on view at the Helmut Newton Foundation (Jebensstrasse 2, Berlin). And that's nothing to blow at.

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Jan 10, 2012 21:30:00
Maurizio Cattelan

Is Maurizio Cattelan Really Turning His Backside on Art?

At the 1993 Venice Biennale, Maurizio Cattelan rented out his space to an ad agency, an outrageous stunt even by contemporary art standards. Much more indecorous, a few years later he depicting Pope John Paul II prostrate after being struck down by a falling meteorite. You could say the Italian artist possesses a healthy disregard for authority—and those in authority can't get enough. Bernard Arnault shelled out $2.1 million for a piece composed of a taxidermy horse strung up in a sling.

But now Cattelan is retiring from art, or at least the practice of it. Hard to imagine it, but that's what he keeps saying. “You ever feel tired and want to change occupations?” he told New York magazine last year. “If you were in a band, you might feel you start to repeat yourself.”

Perhaps it's another ruse, or perhaps he wants to focus on Toilet Paper, his image-heavy, text-light magazine made with photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and published by the Deste Foundation. You could ask him tomorrow (January 9, 6:00 pm) when he signs exhibition catalogs for his current retrospective at the Guggenheim and celebrates the latest issue (tissue?) of Toilet Paper.

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Jan 08, 2012 12:56:00

Hint Tip: Hahn-Bin

What do you get when you take a classical-musical phenom, add a little Gareth Pugh aesthetic and sprinkle on the contents of a drag queen's make-up kit? Violin prodigy Hahn-Bin, that's who.

The 24-year-old Korean-American, who made his debut at the young age of 12, already boasts quite a resume. Having graced the stage at Carnegie Hall and the Musee de Louvre, not to mention blue-chip fashion shows and parties, Hahn-Bin currently has the creative world's full attention. Combining any number of eye-popping visuals and citing Maria Callas and Andy Warhol as influences, the whiz kid cultivates a look and sound all his own. Intrigued? You should be.

His newest show, Till Dawn Sunday, opens at Joe's Pub on Friday, January 6, and continues throughout the U.S. and on to London in April. Will we catch a glimpse of him at Fashion Week next month? You better believe it.

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Jan 05, 2012 22:47:00
James Reeve for Dries Van Noten

Hint Tip: James Reeve for Dries Van Noten

Back in 2008, Dries Van Noten was dominating fashion with his unique blend of floral and watercolor. In the past few years, we've seen the venerable Van Noten expand his garden-friendly prints into graphic lines, abstract shapes, and sharp angles. It's no surprise then that the Belgian designer has expanded his audience from the eccentric artisan to the stylish urbanite. A perfect example is his spring collection, in which he engages the eye with nighttime imagery. Streetlights, power lines, and distant landscapes lend themselves effortlessly to Van Noten's pin-tucked cocktail dresses and elongated tees.

The photographs that make up the prints come courtesy of James Reeve, a favorite of Van Noten's since coming across his work at the Hyères festival in the south of France, the year he was a guest judge. Following the catwalk, Dries Van Noten is taking the partnership a step further, showcasing Reeve's images of Beirut, Marseilles, and London in several of his boutiques, as well as Joyce Gallery in Paris, where both garments and photos will be displayed. In a season when everyone is doing digitally generated prints, leave it to Van Noten to give it art and soul.

Joyce Gallery
168-173 Galerie de Valois
Paris 75001
Exhibition: January 7-26
Opening: January 12, 6:30-8:30 pm

Jan 05, 2012 10:33:00

Hint Tip

While unambiguously straight, Terry Richardson has a way with the gays. Maybe it's his oversized nerd glasses, his flannel shirts or his randy disposition—or stuff like this. Whatever the case, the flirting continues on Friday, December 9, with what promises to be a draggy and debauched soiree at that gayest of gay Village boîtes, The Monster. He'll join Chloë Sevigny on hosting duties as they toast Opening Ceremony and Candy, the frisky Spanish magazine dedicated to "transvestism, transexuality, crossdressing and androgyny." (Do we need to remind you of James Franco channeling Loulou de la Falaise on the cover?) Expect a balls-to-the-wind bash where there's no such thing as overexposed and the only censorship is us covering the RSVP details below—sorry.

Dec 07, 2011 19:53:00
Louis Vuitton

Hint Tip: Louis Vuitton

Few designers ever reach the fame and influence of Marc Jacobs, a designer equally coveted by starlets and socialites, museums and thieves. Just after news broke that bandits made off with his spring press samples bound for London, word comes from France that five masked crooks managed to steal ten pallets of Louis Vuitton merch from Charles de Gaulle airport—a heist valued at $400,000.

But it isn’t all bad news for Jacobs. This spring, the designer will be honored by Les Arts Décoratifs, the Parisian museum dedicated to art and design. Opening March 6, the epic exhibition explores how the brand’s founder and current creative director each put their mark on the luxury label. From LV’s roots in 19th-century France as Empress Eugénie's favored travel bags to its current status as one of the world’s most knocked-off labels, the exhibition will explore how the two designers set the pace of fashion in the face of the industrial and digital revolutions.

The show is the second retrospective for the designer in as many years, coming on the heels of the Kate Grand-curated Louis Vuitton: Art of Fashion at La Triennale di Milano. If a third heist occurs, at least Marc Jacobs will have sparked yet another trend.

Nov 27, 2011 15:41:00
Azzedine Alaïa at Groninger Museum

Hint Tip: Azzedine Alaïa at the Groninger Museum

Azzedine Alaïa has no fear. We've seen his fearlessness play out in the diminutive designer's occasional pot shots at the industry's most sacred cows, his extreme aversion to the fashion system, and his daring experimentation in body-con dressing. For these and many other reasons, the 71-year-old is safely ensconced in the rarefied stratum of great couturiers. And now a new exhibition at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands explores the master's work from the last ten years, the era of his renaissance.

Azzedine Alaïa in the 21st Century is the second exhibition in which the museum has investigated the oeuvre of the Tunisia native. This new semi-retrospective looks at the most iconic pieces since the turn of the century, including a fluffy pink lamb fur coat, a jacket adorned with an entire crocodile hide, and his stock-in-trade, sexy bandage dresses. Needless to say, the show is filled with exotic materials and exacting attention to the female form.

The exhibition launches December 11, 2011, with a celebration featuring the designer himself, after which it goes on view to the public until May 6, 2012. So go ahead, take the plunge. Not even a round-trip ticket would set you back as much as one of Alaïa’s form-fitting dresses.

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Nov 22, 2011 15:54:00
Miuccia Prada

Hint Tip: Miu Miu Musings

Miuccia Prada has always catered to a certain type of artsy, brainy woman. And now her Miu Miu label is giving fashion at large the think-tank treatment with a series of salons featuring leading names in fashion and art.

Hosted by girl-about-town and Prada muse Shala Monroque, Miu Miu Musings are modeled after the traditional literary salon, a forum where intellectuals can discuss lofty topics in an informal setting. It's an idea that harkens back to the Socratic method and Prada’s own perpetual reinvention.

After three previous forums—two in New York and one in London—the series heads to Moscow on November 18, where leading tastemakers including André Leon Talley and textile designer Olya Thompson will discuss the topic of Frocks and Freedom at the Garage, the contemporary art center founded by Dasha Zhukova. We think Lenin would approve.

Nov 07, 2011 14:54:00
Terry Richardson's Mom & Dad

Hint Tip: Terry Richardson's Mom & Dad

Terry Richardson's attempts at art always start with the best of intentions. That's probably why you always find yourself wondering why the model's bra came off.

Taking a break from the Vogue circuit, the photographer has now turned the camera on the two people responsible for making Terry the man he is. His upcoming Mom & Dad exhibit opens at New York's Half Gallery on November 11, the same day his two-volume monograph of the same name is released from Morel Books, showcasing portraits of Bob and Annie Richardson. Although the couple divorced while Richardson was only four, the late Richardson Sr. and wife are reunited in this sentimental series. "It feels good for me to have them back together again," says Richardson, "even if it's in a gallery and only for a little while. It's something I'm doing for me and in a way, for them."

Despite the photographer's penchant for self-portrait, this time the lens is trained exclusively on his parents, serving as an "epistemological survey of one man's life in an attempt to reconcile his family origin." Lofty, for a man who's name is almost as synonymous with fellatio as it is with photography.

Mom & Dad, November 11 - December 4, 2011, Half Gallery, 208 Forsyth Street, New York

Nov 02, 2011 19:49:00

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