Money Where Your Mouse Is: Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Scarves

Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty exhibit opens tomorrow at the V&A in London and even those scatterbrained souls who forgot to reserve a ticket can get in on the action with these extraordinary silk scarves. Each of the five prints refers to a landmark piece from the archives, such as the armadillo shoes from the Plato's Atlantis collection (spring 2010), the tulle and black lace peacock dress (fall 2008), and the dramatic number from spring 1999 that saw Shalom Harlow spray-painted by robotic arms.

52.7 sq. inches, $595 each at Alexander McQueen (4-5 Old Bond Street, London) and online

Mar 13, 2015 14:22:00

Anti-Gift Guide 2014

Here it is, our slightly wrong yet totally right anti-gift gift guide — mostly unisex, in order of price...

Personalized Nutella jar
The ultimate stoner snack will be a lot a trippier with your name on it
£3.99/$4.67 at Selfridges locations

Clashist 'Dapper Ryan' socks
Because Ryan Gosling, duh
$14.95 at Clashist

Artforum magazine
The pinnacle of art journalism has popped up at DSM, selling new and vintage copies
$15 - $55 at Dover Street Market

United Bamboo 'Catclub'
Get your paws on the NY label's anthropomorphized calendars and greeting cards
$21 at United Bamboo

Scott Hug poster of Justin Timberlake
Limited-edition, signed by Justin — for those times you need some teenage spirit
$25 at Hell to Pay

Druthers boxers
Unused Japanese fabrics are shipped to Brooklyn to make very small batches of boxers
$25-32 ($75 subscription) at Druthers

Moschino iPhone case
This is the phone case everyone wants — until 5 minutes from now, when it'll be a totally different case
$43 (50% off) at Moschino


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Dec 20, 2014 18:44:00
Louis Vuitton vanity case, 1980s (1300€)

Money Where Your Mouse Is: Vintage Louis Vuitton

While Louis Vuitton's press team is busy pointing out new offerings — i.e. the splashy Frank Gehry-designed Fondation in Paris and the Monogram collaboration with the likes of Cindy Sherman and Karl Lagerfeld, not to mention Nicolas Ghesquiere's debut fall/winter 2014 collection — its vintage products still attract a lot of attention. The heritage house is, after all, more heritage-y than most.

Take a gander at the items in RESEE's vintage Vuitton sale, spanning the 20th century and tiptoeing into the 21st. A good number of pieces hail from Marc Jacobs's recent tenure, for example various Alma and Speedy bags (most of them sold out), as well as those peg-heel clogs from his spring 2010 collection. Historians, however, will salivate over a few museum-worthy pieces, most notably a red ribbon used to fasten a lady's hat inside a travel trunk and believed to date to the 1900s (with box and instructions, 650€) and a jewelry box also thought to hark back to the 1900s (1150€). More recently, a rare first-edition City Guide from 1998 is also up for grabs (550€). Who knew those things were already collector's items?

Nov 08, 2014 18:54:00

Money Where Your Mouse Is: Balenciaga

Alexander Wang is ushering in a whole new era at Balenciaga, and with it, a revamped website. Made in collaboration with Yoox, the new site is "nimble, intuitive and visually elegant," says the company, "a dynamic hub for e-commerce and communication."

The navigation is indeed satisfyingly nimble, plus pictures are bigger and easier on the eyes. It's the online store, though, that appears to have seen the most revamping. Chiefly, the site is now compatible with all devices. WIth more and more people buying high-end etail (no 'r') straight from their smartphone or tablet, that's a no-brainer. And there are nice smaller tweaks, too. For instance, the user can rotate the models — both men's and women's — for a complete 360-degree view of what they're wearing. Simple, clean stuff — so clean that there isn't a Kardashian in sight.

Visit Balenciaga

Oct 09, 2014 21:08:00
Gosha Rubchinskiy

Money Where Your Mouse Is: Gosha Rubchinskiy

Russian designer Gosha Rubchinskiy — who told Hint a while back he aspires to make clothes for those born after 1991, the year the USSR formally ended — does not fit neatly into a box. His design sensibility is challenging not for the usual reasons (deconstruction, asymmetry, tech fabrics), but because it plays with notions of dated, obsolete, tacky glamour often associated with oligarch wives — in the way Prada refers to Germany's Stasi style. 

Take these jackets, for example, the clear standouts in a collection otherwise full of skater prints and street influences. Their nubby faux-fur fadedness is undeniable, owing to the fact they're made of 100% polyester, an intentionally down-market decision. They look faux for other reasons, too. Although they're unisex, they're sized in US men's designations and made in Romania, not exactly a style hotbed or important manufacturing center.

$570 - $730 at Opening Ceremony

Aug 24, 2014 14:25:00
Proenza Schouler fall 14

Money Where Your Mouse Is: Proenza Schouler

You know a new season is here, or almost here, when Proenza Schouler's new stock arrives in its e-store. A ton of new fall arrivals just went up on the site, in all their building insulation glory. So while it may sound icky and prickly now, in the summer heat, just wait until the colder months — by October, you'll be begging for some thermal foam on your body. And remember, the boys make their fabrics from scratch, so while it looks like insulation, it is not technically insulation. Concept over trends.

Also on the site, you can catch up with all the cute street posters the duo have made to promote their stores, which, with the addition of the brand-new Soho location, totals two.

Shop Proenza Schouler or select from below...

Aug 04, 2014 20:26:00
Selima Andys, photo Elsbeth Struijk van Bergen

Money Where Your Mouse Is: Selima Andys

Selima, the Paris-New York eyewear label, already had a bestseller on its hands with the Andy, frames based on those Andy Warhol wore. Now Selima has teamed up with Colette on a mini-range of the sunglasses in hyper-saturated pop-art Technicolor, inspired by the late 70s, when disco gave way to new wave and art punk. "Think Fiorucci meets Blondie, or the Talking Heads and Lizzie Mercier Descloux," says founder Selima Salaun. Handmade in France, the seven shades are intended to be worn both outside and in — adding a little more velvet to your underground this summer.

$385 at Selima Optique in New York and Colette in Paris

Apr 30, 2014 22:58:00

Money Where Your Mouse Is: Statement Sweatshirts

Don't sweat the sweatshirt. It's still all about comfort. But should you require a pop, trompe l'oeil or other statement, take your pick...

Swan print
$430 at Barneys New York

Cedric Charlier
$490 at Barneys New York

Alexander McQueen
Patchwork print
$675 at Alexander McQueen

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Apr 08, 2014 13:14:00
M/M (Paris) for A.P.C.

Money Where Your Mouse Is: M/M (Paris) for A.P.C.

Mathias Augustyniak and Michael Amzalag of the cultishly followed French creative agency M/M (Paris) are all about secret messages, the more coded the better. An aversion to the obvious is the calling card of the press-shy duo who, over 22 years, have worked with virtually everyone in the fashion arena, most notably Givenchy's Riccardo Tisci and Nicolas Ghesquière, now of Louis Vuitton. M/M's new T-shirt collaboration with A.P.C. is no exception.

Needless to say, the designs are highly yet delightfully complicated. But it begins simply enough, with a T-shirt called Mister T, in reference to A.P.C. founder and designer Jean Touitou. With its recursive mise en abyme effect, it is also a drawing of a character in the shape of a T-Shirt. Meta much?

M/M also designed 'Jean' and 'Judith' motifs, another reference to Jean Touitou, as well as his wife. A bit of wordplay is at work here, naturally. As dogs are sometimes called toutous in French, the Jean motif resembles little black dogs while spelling out his name. This is in addition to a whole new typeface M/M created for the collaboration — which they do with most of their projects, to get into the right frame of mind. So this spring and summer, why not confound everyone around you with slogan tees that look like anything but?

$110-155 (men's or women's sizing) at A.P.C. stores and online.

Mar 06, 2014 14:14:00

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