March '07
Five things we're Jonesing for—right now
Photos by Stuart Heir

Yves Saint Laurent
When you squeeze Yves Saint Laurent's Downtown tote—easily the season's most huggable It bag—you'll want to do as we did and belt out the Petula Clark camp classic. C'mon, sing along with us: "You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares, and go Do-o-o-ownto-o-o-own..."
Lowdown: Designed to recall YSL’s famous safari jacket, the “Saharienne"; available in three sizes; comes in all-leather or leather-and-canvas.
Price: $1795
At: YSL, 859 Madison Ave, 212-980-2970

Jeremy Scott
These Devo-esque sunglasses by Jeremy Scott are selling out fast, even though they arrived a day too late to make it into the spring show. Maybe they're finding it as hard to keep up with the L.A.-based, Paris-showing, NY-loving designer as we are.
Lowdown: Made in collaboration with Linda Farrow Vintage; full UV protection; also comes in powder blue or black; unisex.
Price: $295
At: Seven New York, 110 Mercer St., 646-654-0155

Jil Sander
Raf Simons makes no bones about channeling the future—or his vision of the future—in everything he touches at Jil Sander. So while these architectural patent-leather stilettos are new for spring, they're also the shape of things to come.
Lowdown: Copper-orange shown here, also available in navy, gray and yellow. Want something more adventurous? Sport the cut-out wedge version.
Price: $530
At: Jil Sander, 11 E. 57th St., 212-838-6100

Stella McCartney
Some prefer dancing with the stars, but Stella McCartney has come down with disco fever, at least judging from this glittery studded clutch for spring. Who's doing the hustle now?
Lowdown: Sewn-on studs available in black or gold; removable chain strap; zipper closure.
Price: $1195
At: Stella McCartney, 429 W. 14th Street, 212-255-1556

Freeman's Sporting Club
While these Quoddy Trail moccasins—carried in New York exclusively at Freeman's Sporting Club, a "guy's-guy place," says owner Taavo Somer—were originally made with quiet leather soles to stalk bears, you can wear them to hunt cool.
Lowdown: Completely hand-made in Maine by the Shorey family, who've been making moccasins for 100 years; leather sock liners and heel padding.
Price: $160
At: Freeman's Sporting Club, 8 Rivington St., 212-673-3209