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Butt Book
The Butt boys are at it again, this time plugging their new book and Taschen's latest release, Butt Book (see Hint's slideshow). Although it required a password, whispered furtively on a side street, to gain entry to the Vault in the Bank club, this was a less-than-secret VIP affair—aswirl with all stripes, shapes, prints, plaids and persuasions. Photographers, however, were not invited; this photo of a certain Hint editor's papery behind is the only good party pic we've been able to rustle up.
Other fuzzy (Butt) memories: There must have been more pink balloons than there are in homo heaven; Seven's Joseph Quartana spun an especially thumping set before we all scampered off to 205 club—or, for some, the Cock.
Butt wait, there's more: Final Fantasy began playing around 1:00 am. The one-man-band is the brainchild of Owen Pallett, a violinist described in the newest issue of Butt (#18) as "a total cuddle slut." He's 25, Canadian, cute, surprisingly soulful and yes, pretty fantastic.

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