The art of parties and beyond

By Franklin Melendez  

You know, if we're to be honest, Rachel Zoe should probably get some kind of memorial plaque in the courtyard of the new Chloé store on Melrose. After all, she was partly responsible for introducing the southland to the label’s easy sophistication, that sunny 70s' vibe revived by Stella and whipped into slouchy ecstasy by Phoebe—all anchored with a sturdy platform. It’s only appropriate that the Grande Dame of flowy dresses and clunky wedges preside over the first phase of the Chloé festivities on Wednesday, part of a two-day affair feting the long-awaited Los Angeles boutique.

The airy store provided the setting for a private VIP reception, with its backdrop of summer whites and champagne bubbles. Though the heat wave didn't stop many from donning some serious looks, the glam factor was set to simmer with Hannah MacGibbon holding court in a secluded corner. In another corner was Zoe, who would only smile at me when I asked for her thoughts on the occasion. MacGibbon, however, at least muttered the usual press reply, punctuated with words like “light,” “airy,” “sun,” “lovely”, etc. I decided she was being the wholesome English girl she is and that we should wait for the booze to kick in.

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Hannah MacGibbon, Ralph Toledano, Chloé, Los AngelesRachel Zoe, Leighton Meester, Chloé, Los Angeles
Hannah MacGibbon, Ralph ToledanoRachel Zoe, Leighton Meester

Now, we don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the economic downturn has also prompted a tightening at the doors (why feed extra mouths?). So with this in mind, we arrive bright and early to Milk Studios in Hollywood, the site of the real bash on Thursday. (while I'm let in, most of the cast of Kings is turned away, which does not bode well for NBC’s new line-up.) Kate Bosworth and Chloe Sevigny are hosting, capturing the extremes of the Chloé gal spectrum. The former is easy and glamorous in a flowing peach skirt and beaded top, while the latter is all tomboy attitude in scalloped bloomers and a boyfriend blazer. In fact, the oversized boyfriend blazer (OZBFB) was everywhere. I cursed myself for not having a boyfriend whose large blazer I can nab.

I bumped into a very peachy Leighton Meester and asked for her thoughts on Chloé. She repeated almost verbatim what she told me about Erin Wasson x RVCA in New York a few months back. Impressed by her formidable powers of recollection, I was about to take a few shots of her when a large bouncer interceded, informing me the party was press only. Duh, I am press. Maybe wearing a boyfriend blazer would have helped my cause. Agyness arrived casually late in jeans and Converse, sans a musician in tow, though she did quickly gravitate to the stage once Perry Farrell started screeching. On my way to the bathroom, Chloe Sevigny greeted me warmly, confusing me, I think, for someone she knows. This is situational irony because, A. we have actually met and, B. I am not the someone she thinks she has met. I smiled and went with it, asking her what she thought of the shindig. “Never pass up an opportunity for a great party!” she replied.

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Agyness Deyn, Chloé, Los AngelesChloe Sevigny, Chloé, Los Angeles
Agyness DeynChloe Sevigny



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