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Colette Dance Class

If you think you dance like a duck on crack, angrily shaking your tail and stomping the floor with webbed feet, Colette seems to have heard your quacks for help. The Paris-based retail powerhouse and launch pad for all things cool brought Colette Dance Class, its popular monthly party and actual class at the Paris-Paris club, all the way to New York (following Tokyo last month), and just in time for Fashion Week. The curriculum? To teach the robo-nerdy moves from Daft Punk's bouncy 1997 hit "Around the World" to thirty invited students. The teacher? A French dance instructor named—bien sur—John the French dance instructor. For an hour, everyone at the 80s-themed Culture Club—a packed house that included Ellen Von Unwerth, Anouck Lepere, James Iha (the former Smashed Pumpkin), original Dogtowner Tony Alva with Katy Rodrigues (of Resurrection), artist WK Interact, party promoter Voula Duval, James Murphy, Armand Van Helden, and rapper M.I.A. with DJ Diplo—heard nothing but the classic dance anthem (danthem?) as little duckies waddled their way across a flashing dance floor, a la Saturday Night Fever, and their friends egged them on. We arranged for a Hint intern to take the course and fill us in. Here's what Lisa had to say: "They made all of us wear skeleton masks and divided us into groups. Some of us learned the swimming motion, others the half-walking motion, and so on. Everyone was really into it. I didn't stop dancing for four hours, even after the class. The music was amazing. And the martinis were a plus. If I could just get that larger-than-life illustration of Andrew McCarthy out of my head."

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