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Colette, Helena Christensen
Jan. 26, '06: The only woman out-working model/photographer Helena Christensen for paparazzi love at the Couture Week closing bash of her photography show at colette was her equally fetching mother, Elsa, who was like the Pied Piper of cameramen. Meanwhile, swilling glasses of Martini and Dom Perignon while checking out the moody collection of portraits, landscapes and still lifes—on display since the beginning of the year—were Helena's dad Flemming, Peter Lindbergh, PR guru Mesh Chibber, Hint's beauty editor Alexandra Marshall, V Man editor Armand Limnander, director Anton Corbijn, blog queen Diane Pernet and make-up artist Tom Pecheaux. Two hours later, nearby nightclub Paris Paris hosted an intimate dinner where, with his digital camera, Michael Stipe, who wrote the foreword for the show catalog, competed with the guest of honor for bragging rights, insisting, "I'm actually a very good photographer myself." (Prove it, Michael; those walls were blank for about an hour the next morning as Christensen's images were replaced with graphic design/musician duo Zongamin's work). As the dinner wrapped up, making way for guests to arrive, Christensen toasted with "the strippers are on their way." Not true, sadly, but an onslaught of guests were, including Anton Corbijn, spilling word on his next project: a feature-length film on the life of the late Joy Division frontman Ian Curtis. But those who know anything about him or the band can guess there won't be much joy involved. —Linlee Allen

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