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This was the motley crew who turned up at Le Poisson Rouge on Valentines' Day for Hint and Seven's joint party to present Pleasure Principle's fall collection, which was shown on video screens. Some of the guests we knew, some we didn't know and some we met that night but didn't get a pic of—like Ashley Dupre. The former call girl who brought down New York's governor was (ahem) escorted by Kelly Cutrone, who, in a pearlette of wisdom, told us, "I don't believe in morality, we're all hookers." Talk about a pleasure principle! Meanwhile, Ashley, who beats other Fashion Week slebs by a mile, is ready to move on from the scandal, working on a CD and shopping a book around. We also hear she might appear in a certain sexy Euro mag—like you couldn't see that one coming. Photos by Sonny Vandevelde...
Lee Carter, Joseph QuartanaPablo Olea, Masha Orlov
Hint's Lee Carter & Seven's Joseph QuartanaPablo Olea & Masha Orlov
Rad Hourani, Daul Kim
Rad Hourani, Martin Cohn & Daul KimDaul Kim & Preston Chumsumdlit
Tronik Youth
Eventide's Sarah SprattTronik Youth
ZaldyCody Ross of Priestess NYC

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