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Madonna, Misshapes
Oct. 22, 2005: Madonna made a surprise appearance—well, a surprise if you didn't answer the phone, check email or read a single tabloid, gossip blog or fan site in the previous two weeks—at MisShapes, Manhattan's dive du jour and Hint's fave boite, to debut songs from her new album, Confessions on a Dancefloor. Not since Hedi Slimane spun in the tiny West Village bar/club have so many pinstripe-thin hotties showed up in one place on one night (don't hate them—they leave more room for the rest of us). It went something like this: a fur-trimmed and feather-haired Madge appeared around 1:00 am at the regular Saturday night party, scooted straight upstairs, de-furred, donned a headset and played the role of DJ for about half an hour, occasionally busting out a dance move and beaming to her camera-phone-thrusting fans, some of whom had started climbing walls for a glimpse of the living, breathing one-woman photo-op. Her requisite entourage consisted of, among others, Lenny Kravitz, Maverick Records chairman Guy Oseary, publicist Liz Rosenberg and one of her producers, Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, aka Les Rhythmes Digitales, aka Zoot Woman frontman. They mingled with a crowd that counted Zaldy (who told us he felt like a screaming 12-year-old girl again), Larry Tee, Opening Ceremony's Humberto Leon, Ben Cho, Heatherette's Richie Rich and Traver Rains, and the MisShapes themselves who, in ascending order of rockstar hair, are Leigh Lezark, Geordan Nicol, and Greg K. After the stint, Madonna's remixer, Junior Sanchez, finished up the set, which included still more of "Hung Up" but also a version of "Everybody" unknown to Hint that had everybody kicking up their heels and made the small hours and even smaller space worth the sweatbox conditions. By this time, Madonna had been whisked away by her eighty-six bodyguards, plus or minus thirty-two, and driven off in a three-car motorcade to The Roxy, where she danced (that's right, no singing) to three new songs with revelers she randomly yanked onstage. She then fled into the night, leaving widespread Depression on a Dancefloor in her wake.

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