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Marc Jacobs, Costume Party
Dec. 13, '05: Brokeback Mountain has nothing on Marc Jacobs. Showing cowboy love of his own, the designer settled on a hoedown theme for his and Robert Duffy's annual holiday party this year. Out of the closet came Wild-Wild-West costumes ranging from the typical (bandannas and chaps) to the clever (human Wanted posters) to the downright on-trend (Anna Sui in a square-dance-ready number from her own line). Dressed as Wilbur, the protagonist pig from Charlotte's Web, Jacobs greeted guests outside in sub-freezing temperatures (oink!) while, inside, a shooting range and backdrops of gun-slinging cowboys reminded guests how sweetly the West was won. On hand were plenty a Jacobs pal: Naomi Campbell as Pocahontas, Sofia Coppola, Lisa Marie, Andre Leon Talley draped in fur, Melissa Bent of Rivington Arms gallery and jewelry designer/Jacobs collaborator John Reinhold. Meanwhile, loosening the crowd were margaritas, go-go dancers and, probably later, recently-outed rentboy Jason Preston, as performer Murray Hill brilliantly crossed over from Borscht Belt comic to County-Sheriff MC, inviting guests to grab their partners and do-si-do. As for us, never sated, we grabbed more than a few barbecue ribs, which turned out to be a regrettable do-si-don't.

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