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Louis Vuitton, Richard Prince

JANUARY 8, 2008

Last night at the Guggenheim, the text on a Richard Prince painting said it all: "Was that a girl, was that a girl. That's what people kept asking." The occasion? A preview of Prince's handbag collaboration with Louis Vuitton (yes, orders were placed) and the closing night party of his Guggenheim retrospective—and the name-checking questions abounded. Was that Marc Jacobs? Richard Prince? Maybe Jocelyn Wildenstein? We thought we saw a lot of the latter, but the answer was invariably No. Socialite Denise Rich did show up, as did a gaggle of fashion press heavyweights paying respects to the big LV: Harper's Bazaar chief Glenda Bailey; T's Stefano Tonchi, Anne Christensen and Alix Browne; Elle's Joe Zee and Nina Garcia; and Work In Progress' Patrick Li. But, other than that, "Who are all these people?" wondered W's James Reginato. "You're the only person I recognize!"

Fortunately, Prince's eye-catching bags for Vuitton helped fill out Frank Lloyd Wright's atrium—as did a row of models, dressed as naughty nurses (a familiar Prince motif), spelling "VUITTON" across their caps. "Look, Vanessa Beecroft is collaborating now!" joked Vanity Fair photographer Todd Eberle as he snapped pictures of the girls. But alas, Beecroft was also nowhere to be seen.

—Aric Chen

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