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Zaha Hadid, Melissa

Sept. 19: Going head-to-head with Vivienne Westwood's after-party, Pritzker Prize-winning starchitect Zaha Hadid joined forces with Brazilian shoe brand Melissa to celebrate the launch of their collaboration: architectural (of course), asymmetric, injection-moulded plastic footwear.

Turnout at The Wapping Project was brilliant, despite that it was incredibly difficult to reach. It was a case of everyone booking cars and cabs, which only added to the sense of occasion. For her part, Zaha turned up in a black BMW, from the new 7 series, which many motor critics have derided for its challenging, sculpted design. Challenging? Sculpted? Perfect!

With a music program curated by Richard Mortimer, Pippa Brooks of Shop at Maison Bertaux kicked the evening off on the elevated decks, which needed a stepladder to access, alternating between poptastic Swedish chanteuse Annie and the more moody Von Südenfed. She then gave way to Jefferson Hack, who got the fashiontelligentsia throwing shapes on the dance floor with his thumping party set.

Judy Blame arrived in an incredible neckpiece, made in collaboration with renegade designer JJ Hudson (of Noki NHS) and supermodel Ben Grimes, fresh from the launch of her clothing line LP.BG with best mate Lily Parker. Charles Anastase, whose show set the bar high (but not as high as the wood-heeled platforms he sent out on the runway), was in attendance, as was Mark Ronson, wearing epic, black-rimmed geek glasses. Maybe he’d been speaking specs with Linda Farrow’s Tracy Sedino, who also made an appearance.

Mandi Lennard was in top form as PR of the event, rocking a retina-flexing, sequined Chanel bag that was worth more than any of us. It was great to have a catch-up at the bar over mushroom risotto. Channeling Zaha, I wore my most architectural Comme des Garçons deconstructed jacket, which Mandi was quick to pick up on. Pam Hogg, meanwhile, stayed true to her rock ’n’ roll core in head-to-toe metallic leather.

Princess Julia (who, I now remember, I told intimidated me with her legend—must not drink rose-petal infused champagne next time) turned up with fellow PiX publisher and i-D beauty editor Hanna Hanra, who'd just come from seeing the Pope of Trash, John Waters, in Hammersmith.

All eyes were on Róisín Murphy, who rocked a naval look (the venue was, after all, in an old hydro-electric power plant), until they were on blonde bombshell Gwendoline stage-diving into the giant pair of shoes on display, looking like a Guy Bourdin photo with legs and stilettos flailing in the air. All the while, London’s art directors of the moment, Eat Sleep Work Play (aka Antoine and Zamir) provided excellent conversation, and were superbly art directed themselves.

Afterwards, Julia, Mortimer and myself kept the party going at Joiners for its weekly disco night, Macho City, a joint party between Fantastic Man's Charlie Porter and Dan Beaumont of Disco Bloodbath. Only then did it feel like London Fashion Week was over.

—Dean Mayo Davies

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