June '08
We're crazy in love with these new faces
By Joseph Tenni

Masha Rudenko
It only took winning the Elite Model Look in her Russian hometown for Slavic sensation Masha Rudenko to win fans across the West, appearing in L'Officiel, Dazed & Confused, Harper's Bazaar and Citizen K. Recently completing a gemology course at Moscow State University, the diamond-in-the-rough tells us she now wants to study acting and art in her new home of New York.

Emma Maclaren
According to model lore, British beauty Emma Maclaren was discovered when she showed up to a casting call with a little pink bow in her hair, and the only girl with no make-up. Now, with tearsheets from British Marie Claire and American Glamour, as well as the cover of Harper's Bazaar Dubai, the baby-faced blonde is the latest toast of England. 

Alina Z
Following in the footsteps of fellow countrywomen and Model Mania alumnae Alexandra Sandor and Diana Dondoe, ravishing Romanian Alina Z is on fire. The red-hot redhead, discovered while vacationing in Italy, has appeared in Amica four times, walked fourteen shows last season in Milan alone, and even finds time to play the cello.

Sigrid Agren
Fetching femme Sigrid Agren is in it to win it. At 13, the bird-like ballet dancer was a finalist in the Elite Model Look on her little French Caribbean island of Martinique, then won the French semifinals in Paris. At 14, she nearly won the world title, but wisely stayed in Martinique, shooting only for Teen Vogue and Flare. Now she's full-time, to the delight of casting agents everywhere.

Liza Golden
Just like Bon Jovi, Liza Golden hails from New Jersey. Although the beaming brunette is new on the scene, she's halfway there, livin' on a prayer. (We could have gone with a Liza Minelli gag, but aren't you glad we let Halston rest in peace?)

Hailing from a little town in New Mexico, ambitious blonde Lex excels at anything she tries: golf, dance, high jump, swimming, dropping her last name. Now the Taurean has her sights set on modeling, and with a boy waist to match her tomboyish ways, she'll surely dominate that, too.

Melissa Molson
Canadian heiress and electro-house DJ Melissa Molson has people wagging their tongues and tails all over the world. We have it on good authority the dolphin lover from Mississauga, Ontario, has a weakness for red nail polish and skater boys—prerequisites for any good model.