Hintís model editor, Joseph Tenni, serves up another batch of hot new models to watch.

Bekah Jenkins
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Bekah (Elite)
In a few short months, all-American teen Bekah Jenkins has raised the temperature of fashion folk worldwide! She has graced the pages of Dutch, The Face and Italian Vogue, shot by Peter Lindbergh. She recently scored the coveted Anna Molinari campaign which catapults her to cult status. Bekah's a wrecker!

Claudelle Perreault
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Claudelle (Karin)
Montreal's new favorite daughter, Claudelle Perreault is a pinch under six feet tall but her modeling career is over the top. She's appeared in Australian magazine, Oyster and has been the subject of Steven Meisel's lens for Italian Vogue. Look out for her in the new Armani Exchange campaign. Another feather in Canada's cap!

Katherine Poulton
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Katherine (Women)
English rose Katherine Poulton started rockin' the modeling world when she won a Storm modeling contest at the tender age of 14. Now, she's the star of the Patrick Cox Wannabe campaign and is featured alongside her brother in British Vogue, shot by Mario Testino.

Tiffany Bland
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Tiffany (New York)
Of Irish, German and African extraction, all-American Tiffany Bland is anything but bland! This Virgo vamp is juggling high school with untouchably cool modeling gigs. Steven Meisel has fallen for the exotic freckled beauty and shot her for Italian Vogue. She has also been featured in Sportswear International, Interview, Black Book, Io Donna and the New York Times Fashion Collection.

Camellia Clouse
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Camellia (IMG)
By being little, Camellia Clouse has made it big. At only 5'6, the Seattle native is scoring jobs normally reserved for leggier ladies. She has appeared in Italian Vogue, shot by both Ellen von Unwerth and Steven Meisel, and has also been in Mademoiselle. The tattoo on her leg is her trademark, as well as her gappy teeth! Camellia is blossoming!

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Ulla (dna)
Brunettes are leading the pack! Newcomer Ulla has left her native Germany and is already getting noticed by those who matter. She's appeared in Wallpaper and graced the cover of Dazed & Confused. Ooh la la! It's Ulla!

Isabeli Fontana
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Isabeli (IMG)
Brazil is proving to be a rich source of model talent. The latest success in the assembly line is Isabeli who had a more-gruelling-than-usual show season. Scoring some impressive tearsheets, this teen has also nabbed the new Valentino and Ralph Lauren campaigns.