Grace Jones, I'll Never Write My Memoirs

Finally, Grace Jones' Memoirs

Ever the contrarian, Grace Jones is coming out with her long-awaited memoirs this fall (Sept 29), titled I'll Never Write My Memoirs. Explaining the title, the living legend said, "I wrote a song called Art Groupie. The first line said 'I'll never write my memoirs' — that was a long time ago. Since then, I thought, if I don't do it, somebody else will."

The book promises to be a sensation. Consider all the Jamaican-born maverick has done. She arrived in the U.S. as a teenager and began modeling at 17. She worked in Paris for Yves Saint Laurent and Claude Montana, roomed with fellow mannequin Jerry Hall, and had sleepovers with an as-yet unknown Jessica Lange. She returned to New York, became involved in the Studio 54 scene, released three disco albums, and collaborated with Andy Warhol. Having now become rather notorious, Jones launched into her third career, acting on the big screen in Conan the Destroyer and the James Bond film A View to a Kill. All of which makes for salacious reading, one hopes.

Here she is (wearing Azzedine Alaïa) in a classic 80s clip, chatting about fashion, sex, and church with Joan Rivers on The Tonight Show...

Here she is again on The Tonight Show, this time with Johnny Carson, talking more fashion...

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Aug 30, 2015 17:09:00

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