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Prada loves its Epicenter stores so much (wouldn't you if they were designed by Rem Koolhaas or Herzog and de Meuron?) that they've created these souvenir T-shirts showcasing the more fantastic of them. The prints depict overlapping floor plans and facades, while the colors refer to specific Epicenters: white for Tokyo, Los Angeles and Montenapoleone Donna, red for New York, mint for London and white or black for Galleria. They're calling it the JWP Epicenter project, named after their Jersey White Prada Obvious Classic 3x1 model. As far as souvenirs go, they sure beat another fancy spoon or snow globe thingy.


I kinda like them! I like the graphic tee look. It's very in at the moment! Milana - editor of www.FashionStyleAdvice.com

Posted by Milana
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Oct 09, 2009 00:00:00

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