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During Paris Fashion Week, we reported that Lindsay Lohan, the day before her so-called work at Ungaro was to debut, spent her time shopping at Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, and even presented the bill to Ungaro. Then, after a hard day of retail therapy, she commenced with a wild night and had to cancel an interview with Suzy Menkes.

Now it seems that tarnishing the legacy of an haute fashion house wasn't enough for the half-baked party girl. Three days ago, before leaving the City of Light and Ungaro in a hot mess of bad reviews, Lindsay dropped in on the Paris showroom of New York/Montreal-based accessories label Arielle de Pinto. Ever-presumptuous, Lindsay wanted to "borrow" several one-of-a-kind samples for an unspecified party and shoot. Arielle's team made an imprint of her black credit card—just in case. Sure enough, Lindsay just left Paris with the pieces. Can you guess the rest? When the showroom tried to charge the credit card, they were notified it had been canceled.

If you know of other victims of Lindsay Lohan's swath through Paris, comment below. 

Added Oct. 12, 8:26 pm: While Lindsay is denying (of course) the above on Perez Hilton, we hear that collective blog pressure has forced her to pony up payment to Arielle de Pinto.

Added Oct. 13, 2:30 pm: Meanwhile, other Paris labels were less naive about Miss Grabby Hands. When they heard Lindsay wanted to wear their clothes, because she made it known, both Balmain and Lanvin instructed their staff not to give her freebies, discounts or gratuity of any kind. Thus she paid retail for her respective outfits to the Purple party and Mario Testino's book launch.


Lilo is a clueless spoiled brat, tacky , without any sense of control, besides her lack of understanding of ethical behavior. But who are the reckless people behind this? who in the Ungaro team or business team thinks this is remotely a good idea? Those are the people to point fingers at.Lilo will keep destroying her non existent career, but these people are just beyond stupid.

Posted by Maria

This behavior is inexcusable for a grown woman. Lindsay is a huge bitch.

Posted by Kay Bee

are you serious? this chick is clearly losing it. seriously.

Posted by dee

Hey Guys, I'm an expat in Paris and one night at Le Marais I let her borrow my dick with her firecrotch. Can you guess the rest?

Posted by Itchy Burns

Great job people! Guilty before proven innocent. Maybe society's to blame for believing unproven reports and allow such shameful journalism.

Posted by max

A credit card imprint and canceled card aren't proof?

Posted by Hintmag

Dina, quit trawling the web for mentions of your daughter.

Posted by Stage Mom

perfect picture accompanying !! the eyes say it all !!

Posted by genevieve

Man, I love Arielle De Pinto and for Lindsay to do this was totally uncalled for. Although folks at ADP should have known better not to trust a Lohan.

Posted by e

bitch and butch. LL is as stylish as a Michigan truckdriver. WIthout the balls.

Posted by azalee

Seriously, why do people keep lending her stuff? Things always disappear when she's around: 500k worth of jewelry at magazine photoshoots, one-of-a-kind mink coats from club banquettes, 10k worth of clothing from friends' closet after a party, now this. Seriously, if you have something expensive and a lohan is around, take your stuff and JET (if you're having a party, try not inviting her)!

Posted by Kora

By the way, the coat's owner made noise until LL had to return the coat. Her excuse: she thought it was hers. Because leather jackets and mink coats look so much alike!

Posted by kora


Posted by PATRICK
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Oct 11, 2009 00:00:00

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