Ambassador Wintour: Will She Or Won't She?

Up to now we haven't waded into the Anna Wintour-goes-to-Washington debate. The idea of Vogue's no-fuss, no muss editrix becoming a US ambassador to England or France, as has been the rumor, seems so farfetched and brilliant at the same time that our tiny heads can't wrap around it. While we stood behind her open support of and fundraising for President Obama's election and reelection—and she certainly proved herself an able bundler—imagining her in the diplomatic trenches is beyond our mental reach.

Adding to our befuddlement, today this video popped up. It shows the normally incisive Press Secretary Jay Carney at yesterday's daily briefing, wriggling all around when asked by ABC's Jake Tapper what the White House looks for in an ambassador, particularly one to an important ally. He didn't mention Anna Wintour by name; he didn't have to. Amid a lot of giggling by other reporters, he neither confirmed nor denied it, dodging and hedging like a pro. Here's what he said...

Tapper finally asks, "Has the President seen The Devil Wears Prada?" Then, just as Carney finishes his laugh and seems ready to answer, a clutch-pearls cliffhanger!...

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Dec 06, 2012 20:11:00

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