Rebecca Szeto

Brushing Up on the Old Masters

With her hand-carved paintbrushes, Rebecca Szeto is getting a handle on great women of art history. As a faux-finish painter, the San Francisco artist collects only humble, end-of-life paintbrushes, which serve as both means and end.

The slow pace of whittling down the handles gives Szeto time to reflect on each individual and individual brush — a tribute to the Old Masters.

Mary Tudor


Reina Marianna of Austria


Margaret Roper

Angela Isadora Duncan

Doña Hongari (after Velazquez)

Violet Jessep

Las Meninas

Suzette Lemaire

Infanta Marie Therese III

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Ode to Magritte

Madonna and Child

Berthe Morisot

Emilie du Chatalet

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May 29, 2016 13:31:00

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