Blackbird by House of Matriarch

Get a Whiff of This: Blackbird by House of Matriarch

Northwest labels can be so pine-freshly provincial. Here's how the Seattle-based concept shop Blackbird describes its new fragrance, made in collabs with the perfumery House of Matriarch, also in Seattle: "Running from the police through dark summer woods, you catch whiffs of evergreens cloaked by layers of warm crushed berries. Riding a ferry, the peaceful salt water and bobbing seaweed are contrasted by the roar of industrial diesel engines."

In all, the witches' brew of a scent contains over 100 exotic aromatics, including Northwest conifers, Puget Sound seaweed, rare oud and amber, to name just a few, mixing together in a potion so dark green it's almost black.

Blackbird by House of Matriarch, $120 for a roll-on (.25 oz), $65 for a mini-bottle (5 ml), or $12 for a sample vial (email)

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Jan 13, 2013 12:36:00

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