Kinder Aggugini, fall 12

Kinder Aggugini

Kinder Aggugini's collection lived up to the his hype: sugary, addictive, and chock-a-block with surprises. In contrast to the dismal weather outside, the designer showed an mélange of clashing orange and purple, kooky animal motifs, and some less-than-pragmatic hemlines. Neither the London chill nor borrowed dandy touches—men's brogues, blazers, and baggy calf-length cardigans—did anything to tame the girlishness that swept Somerset House like a grade-school crush.

The insouciance didn't stop there. One-by-one, he rolled out mod-inspired miniskirts, glittery asymmetrical sheaths, and ocean-blue kaftans, culminating with a pair of severe gray and navy strapless ballgowns—all to a mash-up of country rock and old-school hip hop. Puzzling yet persuasive, the message was received, if the ebullient reception that greeted Aggugini during his bow was any indication.

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Feb 21, 2012 12:16:00

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