Model Cameron Russell Takes Aim at...Modeling

You gotta hand it to Cameron Russell, the Victoria's Secret model who keeps blasting the fashion industry for its skin-deep superficiality. Just months ago she gave a scathing speech at the tech-geek conference TED, in which she painted a pretty harsh picture of the modeling industry and claimed it was not supposed to be a career path for her (although it's doubtful the audience of presumed virgins was listening very intently)...

Now the Columbia poli-sci major is at it again, going on ABC's Nightline to denounce the modeling biz, saying "It requires a genetic lottery win. It's just a lot of luck"...

So kudos to Cameron, who's walked for everyone from Chanel to Versace and appeared in campaigns for Louis Vuitton and Calvin Klein, for exposing the bushy underbelly of the rag trade. But one has to wonder: Why is she still modeling?

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Apr 01, 2013 22:21:00

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