Money Where Your Mouse Is: Bernhard Willhelm

Bernhard Willhelm's cheese-hole tights, rainbow tracksuits and kooky dresses have long left fans in a state of quivering excitement. But even in such treasure troves as Paris, buying the German-born, Belgian-schooled designer's wares is like trying to find decent patisseries in London.

Aware of the predicament, Willhelm has just launched his first website, complete with brand info, a press area, videos, past collections, museum shows (including his extraordinary exhibit in Groningen). But most importantly, at least for his die-hards, an e-store.

Ironically, the internet newbie confided to us that that he never writes emails and doesn't keep a computer at home. He doesn't even own a TV. His focus right now, he says, is tending the garden of his new Paris apartment. Take that, Information Age.

Visit Bernhard Willhelm

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Sep 15, 2010 00:00:00

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