Richard Chai, fall 13

Richard Chai LOVE

Fashion Week has officially arrived in frigid New York and, perhaps befitting the winter doldrums, designer Richard Chai started off the fall season on a bit of a somber note. The show, which included a surprisingly star-studded front row (hey, Christina Ricci!), opened with military-inspired separates—cropped aviator jackets and pencil skirts for the girls, jumpsuits and belted coats for the boys—in a dark palette of olive and navy, teamed with various plaids and windowpanes, and some quite covetable silver space-age-y jackets.

But soon after, we got a glimpse of the usual Chai in a winning lavender and green abstract print and floaty jewel-toned frocks. Although several of the dowdy skirt-and-jacket combos missed the mark, they were quickly forgotten by the time purple and gray brocades that ended the show arrived. 

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Feb 09, 2013 11:35:00

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